There are no words to describe this, but we’ll give it a shot since it is too splendid not to share.

Ever gone on a drinking bender, hopped in a car and led police on a high-speed chase only to crash, run, and be humped by a K-9?


Well, you are missing out my friend.

In all seriousness, this is exactly what happened to one Osama Ansi, follower of the dog-hating faith Islam did just this. Islam does not allow man’s best friend a place below the dinner table.

That is reserved for their much baaa-loved goats. The Birmingham Mail says that drunk driver, Ansi, who happens to also be an Islamic law-breaker , was on the lamb (pun intended), when he was assaulted by Fido.

Apparently, Islam has some bird species it also hates, in addition to dogs, pigs, Jewish people, women, children, and magicians (well, Magi). So, Ansi killed a couple of birds. Then he got drunk, in celebration or his heroic feat and went for a joy ride.

Along came B-I-N-G-O. In an epic display of awesomeness the police dog had his way with Ansi. The dog had to be pulled off of his love interest. Anybody who has ever had their leg latched onto by a horn-dog knows this is no easy feat.

When the creature gets its game on, all bets are off. Suffice it to say it took a bit before the police were able to rescue Ansi from his assault.

Or so they claim. We all know they probably stood around a bit enjoying the peep-show. How could you not? We can only hope there is a smart phone video of the Fifty-Shades-of-Gray four-legged erotica soon to be leaked and go viral.

Ansi will be sitting in jail for the next year. The dog, well let’s just say we hope he earned himself a much-deserved Scooby-Snack!

Source: Mad World News


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