Unfortunately for France and the rest of the civilized world that is fighting terrorism, Islamism and its jihadists don't break for the holidays. A recent arrest in France also shows that Islamism and militant Muslims don't think twice about using society's social politeness to try to perpetrate terrorist acts.

Just days before the Christmas holiday French police in Montpellier, France entered the home of a Franco-Chadian couple and proceeded to discover unsettling evidence that the couple was planning another terrorist attack on French soil.

The woman, who police are referring to as "Camille," had purchased a fake belly that would allow her to disguise herself as a pregnant woman. Though the woman claimed that she had purchased the belly to allow her to better shoplift from local stores, other evidence in the couple's apartment convinced authorities otherwise.

Not only had the woman taken a sharp object and hollowed out the prosthetic pregnancy belly, but she had also tightly wrapped the device in tin-foil, something that officials believe she did to help conceal future explosives that she may have intended to hide in the device. Additionally, the woman had reportedly become much more conservative in her religious observances, something that has led officials to believe she was on the path of radicalization.

The husband and wife couple had also downloaded every available edition of two radical Islamic publications, published by the Islamic State and Al Qaeda. The couple had also viewed violent videos of the Islamic State's actions online.

It's disgusting to think that terrorists are taking advantage of society's politeness towards pregnant people by undermining the assumptions with which we deal with people. It's likely that this Camille woman would have been given preferential treatment and would have been able to smuggle explosives into areas otherwise off-limits.

Thank goodness the French police have been on high-alert and that they caught this couple before they could commit terrorist acts in the name of their god.

h/t: Breitbart

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