With the idea of Muslim immigration becoming a hot-button topic in the presidential debate, more and more public figures are speaking out on the issue. Such was the case in Boston recently, but you won't believe how one public figure framed his comments.

Police Commissioner William Evans told a large crowd that "We're all Muslims deep down. We all yearn for peace." People had come together to rally in defense of Muslims in the face of what many were calling a "politics of fear." According to sources, the assembled people were worried that fear tactics were being employed when it came to Muslims and immigration.

Commissioner Evans was the final speaker at the rally and his words are proving to be the most divisive. By saying that all Americans are Muslims, Evans is comparing everyday, freedom-loving people with a history of bloody jihad and intolerance.

Muslims make up a majority of the world's terrorists at this time. Boko Haram, ISIS, al Qaida, the Taliban, and other terror groups are all extensions of radical Islam. These groups spend their time killing innocents and planning the death of even more. Are we like these people?

Though many Muslims are peaceful, they cannot deny that the Qu'ran, their holiest book, contains many verses and sermons that call for jihad against and death for infidels, or non-Muslims. These people are willing to kill us and harm us if we do not bow to their religion. Should an American police officer really be comparing Americans to such a people?

Though Evans's second statement that "we all yearn for peace," is undoubtedly true, Americans don't go about their quest for peace in the same manner as Muslims. We fight wars, yes, but we fight when we are attacked.

Radical Islam and its Muslim adherents fight with no provocation. That's a difference, Evans, that is important. It separates freedom from hatred and tyranny.

h/t: Jihad Watch

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