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Even if you’re an excellent driver and obey all the traffic laws, odds are you’ll eventually be stopped for some minor infraction, and our instinct is to usually get out of the car, as we watch the police officer causally approach us telling us to “stay in the car.”

However even that command as this dashcam illustrates can prove to be wrong when the driver has been arrested over 40-times, and decides to speed off with the officer hanging on to the door for dear life.

The incident caught in living color on the police dashcam took place in Longview, TX, when Felesia Meshaun Ford, 40, was stopped after a high-speed chase by Police Chief Wesley Freeman, and as the officer approached the truck Meshaun suddenly decided to speed off dragging Freeman and knocking him unconscious when he hit the asphalt. “When she grabbed my arm and got it started and held on to me, and that’s the last thing I remembered,” Freeman said.

Freedman went on to explain, that about eight minutes earlier, it started as a speeding offense in Lakeport just south of Longview.

“Running in excess of forty miles an hour in a thirty mile an hour zone,” the chief explained.

By the time he turned around he saw her run a stop sign, and then just run north on Estes Parkway into Longview

“At that point there I’m at 88 miles per hour,” Freeman said.

She turned on Eastman Road. He thought she would roll the vehicle over, but held on.

The good news is that Police Chief Freedman is fine, and the bazaar news that Felesia Meshaun Ford made a plea bargain and recently received eight years probation…”PROBATION’?

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