While a suicide bomber detonated a bomb in a crowded park in Lahore, Pakistan, another explosion rocked a city much closer to the heart of America. Though no one was injured, the explosion in Anaheim on Easter Sunday was still terrifying.

Police responded to what has been described as a pipe bomb explosion in Anaheim, California, on the afternoon of Easter Sunday. The bomb was detonated in an alleyway beside a cement wall and a light pole.

People in the area reported that the explosion sounded like "something actually fell from the sky, like from an airplane, because it was so loud." Other bystanders were grateful that they weren't as close as they could have been.

One end of the pipe bomb flew so far and hard that it chewed a hole through a wooden fence 40 feet away. That hole was reportedly as round and clean "as if a saw had cut it." Luckily the people who were close to the bomb weren't injured in any way.

This is the second pipe bomb-related incident in Anaheim in recent weeks. Just a week before police had responded to a call that someone with a pipe bomb was attempting to rob a bank. That call later turned out to be fake, but this bomb detonated cleanly and powerfully.

Though some local residents reported that they weren't afraid, the fact remains that someone in the community has developed a fetish for improvised explosives. Hopefully the police can arrest this person and throw them in prison for a long time for their crime.

With lone wolf terrorist attacks on the rise, the Anaheim pipe bomb is simply another page in the book of fear and worry that terrorism is trying to spread in our country. We need to be careful and watch each other's backs. This is America. We don't back down from anyone.

h/t: Orange County Register

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