Last week we reported on the drowning deaths of three Floridian teens who drove a stolen into a pond—Laniya Miller (15), Ahsaunti Butler (15), and Dominique Battle (16).

Law enforcement was on the scene and Pinellas County Sheriff dashcam footage raised the ire of America as it appeared to show the officers standing around doing nothing. In one clip, an officer can be heard stating he thought he heard the girls yelling.

The teens’ parents are blaming law enforcement for the deaths of their daughters. They are distraught, and certainly the dashcam footage doesn’t help matters.

Naturally, that was not the full story, and as we predicted, it continues to unfold.  Sheriff Bob Gualtieri has spoken out, saying, “It’s a bunch of junk,” in regard to the officer doing nothing. “Those deputies went in that water and tried to save those girls at their own peril.” Sure enough, there is dashcam footage that shows the officers passing by missing parts of the uniforms indicating a rescue effort was made, to no avail.

“Myself and other deputies began to enter the swampy water… the fact that the vehicle was still moving, along with the unstable ground and excessive water vegetation, made a rescue too risky for those involved,” he continued.

While the tale of the three girls is tragic, we must remember that there is no obligation, by law enforcement, or anybody else, to put their own lives at danger to rescue others.

In this case, it appears a rescue effort was made, but the outcome was not successful. The better course of action would have been on the girls’ part in not having stolen a vehicle. They are responsible for their own deaths. Period.

Source: Mad World News


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