Round and round Islamic terrorism goes -- when and where it stops, not even the prime minister of Britain knows.

The vicious cycle of terror has come round full circle once again with Saturday's deadly attack in "peaceful" London that left seven dead and 48 injured.

It was the third fatal terror attack this year in Britain.

While London's Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan publicly has proclaimed the city to be completely "safe" (in addition to being a "sanctuary" for his Islamic brethren) Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a fresh new battlefront from which to root out muslim "safe spaces," both on the Internet and in the "real world."


It's beginning to sound like a major crackdown on free speech is about to take place in politically correct Britain. And you can be sure British nationalists are targets of the government.

Haven't we heard May's words before -- in another time, in another place, and in another dimension? How many years has it been since western countries banded together to wage physical and cyber war against Islamic extremism? To what effect?

Across the span of 16 years, Western governments have invaded and reinvaded largely backward Islamic countries, bombing them back to the Stone Age where they've languished for millennia.

While a coalition of Western armies and Islamic extremists clash by night in desert battles across the Middle East, millions of refugees struggle and seek flight in search of better lives in culturally incompatible European lands.

Traveling alongside them are countless scores of terrorists.

The global war on terror is the same as throwing gasoline on a house fire. Only the Russians seem to have their military priorities in order in their successful campaign to defeat ISIS in Syria.

May's multi-pronged plan of attack is ambitious and seeks to instill within stubbornly unassimilated second- and third-generation Muslim communities "pluralist British values," which are "superior to anything offered" by Islamic ideology.

It's called winning Muslim hearts -- before they get to ours first and cut them out.

May is simply speaking a new dialect of multicultural jibberish -- the kind that always leads to failed multicultural action. Just look at all the multicultural success stories in Muslim rape destination countries like Germany and Sweden. Only Poland refuses to give in to globalist blackmail and allow migrants to come pouring in.

By proposing military action is the good British prime minister talking about martial law at home and the escalation of military conflict abroad? (Refer to humanitarian and migrant crises previously mentioned above).

There can be little dispute that UK politicians are faced with a nearly insurmountable challenge in defeating home-grown Islamic terror. They have only themselves to blame, having laid down the fertile multicultural soil from which terror grows like a poisonous weed years ago.

The carnage will stop only when Britain chooses British national and cultural life over death and only when Britain rounds up and kicks out all Islamic extremists and dismantles so-called "moderate" community support networks across the land.

First and foremost, British politicians must agree on one thing -- that the door to massive immigration that is destabilizing British society must be slammed shut.

If all of this sounds like resurgent nationalism to you, you are exactly right.

Please share your comments below if British Prime Minister Theresa May is simply rehashing old rhetoric in the war against Islamic extremism.

Source: The Federalist Papers


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