We all know that Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a children chop shop hell-bent on making abortions as easy and 'fun' as they can so that they can continually rack up the fetus body count, but for some reason, they try to push the narrative that abortions are only a part of what they do.

Well, recently they just showed us another 'part' of what they do and it's not pretty. Planned Parenthood is now pushing parents to start telling their kids how to have sex before they can ride a bike.

It’s common to feel weird talking about sexuality with your kids, but try to manage your reactions in the moment so you don’t transfer shame or anxiety onto them. Remember, young kids are pretty much a blank slate — they don’t know that adults see certain body parts and activities as sexual, so they won’t understand why some people are uncomfortable talking about it. So do your best to address sex and masturbation in a way that’s positive (or neutral), matter-of-fact, and encourages them to come to you with questions in the future.

Having a negative reaction or refusing to answer sends the message that your child’s natural curiosity is bad, and that it’s not okay to come to you with questions. So even if you feel flustered, try to keep calm and positive. - via Planned Parenthood

Yeah, that sounds good address masturbation in a positive way with a 4-year-old. Why not encourage
your toddler to start masturbating early? What possible bad effects could that have?

Well, maybe teen pregnancy, or if they're starting them this young pre-teen pregnancy, but Planned Parenthood isn't too concerned with that. In fact, they probably welcome it. Just more babies to kill.

This organization just keeps going from bad to worse and it's about time we put an end to this nonsense before they poison our youth, the only people who don't know enough not to listen to this insanity.

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Source: Planned Parenthood

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