There were many losers in the presidential election – the Clinton family whose reign in power has finally come to an end, President Obama whose legacy is in tatters following the repudiation of his every “achievement” during his 8-year term in office, the Democrat party that finds has lost the White House and at least one Supreme Court justice pick, and the mainstream media that promised a Hillary landslide because it refused to step outside its own echo chamber – not to mention the stunned and disillusioned supporters who believed the propaganda of that media.

But one of the biggest losers, especially in terms of financial loss, was Planned Parenthood, which invested $38 million to put Hillary Clinton in the White House and send like-minded abortion supporters to Congress.

Clinton, who repeatedly stated during the campaign, that there could be no limit on the choice of a woman to terminate a pregnancy up to the moment of birth, was the perfect candidate for Planned Parenthood – the nation’s largest provider of abortion on demand, including late-term, partial birth procedures.

As the first woman to run at the top of a major political party, a lifelong Democrat and long-time supporter of Planned Parenthood, Clinton was even sharply critical of efforts at the state level to ensure that women who did chose to have abortions did so in safe and sanitary conditions.

In fact, Clinton was silent when abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole for the first-degree murder in the deaths of three newborns who he killed by severing their spinal cords after they were born alive during an attempted abortion, 21 counts of illegal late-term abortion and of involuntary manslaughter in the death of a patient at his Women’s “Medical” Society abortion clinic in Philadelphia.

The Democrat candidate – former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State who expected to take up residency in the White House – stood in stark contrast to Republican businessman Donald Trump who adamantly reaffirmed his pro-life stance – and won the election.

Parenthood President Cecile Richards has more to be worried about than the tens of millions of dollars lost in the cause of electing a pro-abortion president, as Congress stands – with the support of soon-to-be President Trump – ready to take away the $500 million in taxpayer funds that Planned Parenthood receives annually – estimated to be 40 percent of its operating budget.

As an indication of Trump’s position, his campaign website vows to “protect innocent human life from conception to natural death” and “protect individual conscience in health care.”

He has vowed, as one of his first acts, to put an end to the Obama administration’s persecution of the Catholic Little Sisters of the Poor, which has demanded that the sisters who nurse terminally ill hospice patients subsidize contraception and abortion in violation of their religious convictions.

In his first interview after the election, President-elect Trump told ’60 Minutes’ interviewer, Leslie Stahl, that he considers abortion to be a state matter.

The biggest threat to the national abortion mill will be a Trump appointment to the Supreme Court, which will continue to hear cases that, while probably not seeking to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that legalized abortion, will involve restrictions making the procedure safe and rare, if not banned altogether.

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