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It is inconceivable that a nation which claims the moral high ground to those atrocities committed by barbarians, and then willfully commits in the name of “womanhood” it’s own state sponsored acts of atrocities by Planed Parenthood while hiding under a false premise of some “make-believe” science to elevate their own inhumanity, as they rip apart and dismember another murdered baby, for profit.

Another video just came to light, to once again shame America, if that’s even remotely possible any longer.

It’s the 10th one in the series, and possibly the most heart breaking video to date. Of course the mainstream media isn’t interested in the atrocities being committed by Planed Parenthood, and these holocaust victims don’t have survivors speaking out, because they’re babies, unable to speak, and because there are no survivors.

However they’re valuable, as Doctor Carolyn Weshoff pointed out while sipping a little red wine, in particular “eyes” or “neural” or “spinal cords.” Those body parts can fetch some big dollars.

Laughing heartily, she reminds the undercover investigator that they can provide “gonads, oh my God, gonads.” She promises that all of the body parts are “fresh,” like meat from the local deli. She smirks and says that selling the fresh testicles of murdered children can become a “huge PR issue,” and urges secrecy and discretion.

However the big money comes when harvesting an aborted baby and its heart is still beating and intact, then it’s simply a matter of ripping the skull open and harvesting the brain.

What seems apparent is that America can no longer claim the moral high-ground, in that any civilization that simply kills it’s own to promote a political ideology as an excuse to murder those yet unborn children, isn’t much of a society, and to profit from those atrocities by selling baby body parts is perhaps the most depraved act one human being can do to another.

Perhaps in time we’ll follow the lead of another depraved society, and begin making soap and lamp shades for fun and profit…the sound you hear is God weeping for America.

If you haven't seen the 10th PP video here it is:

Here is a summary of the PP video by The Blaze:

1. Dr. Carolyn Weshoff, Planned Parenthood’s senior medical adviser, sips some tasty wine while discussing dividing up the dead children and selling them to various clients. She says the people she works with don’t want stem cells, but “particular tissues” like “cardiac” or “eyes” or “neural” or “spinal cords.” She says they can sell any part of a murdered baby. Laughing heartily, she reminds the undercover investigator that they can provide “gonads — oh my God, gonads.” She promises that all of the body parts are “fresh,” like meat from the local deli. She smirks and says that selling the fresh testicles of murdered children can become a “huge PR issue,” and urges secrecy and discretion.

2. Dr. Vanessa Cullins, another high ranking Planned Parenthood official, admits that these transactions could “destroy” their organization if they don’t “time the conversations correctly.”

3. Deb VanDerhei, the national director for the Consortium of Abortion Providers at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, asks the buyer if he “just wants livers.” He says he’s looking for everything. She asks about “remuneration,” which is a fancy word for financial compensation. She brings up the question of profits on her own and without prompting, and worries that the kickbacks be handled “carefully” because “the headlines would be a disaster.” This theme is returned to at multiple points throughout the footage. Planned Parenthood was obviously very concerned that their black market human trafficking would end up landing them on the front pages or in prison. Perhaps the most depressing part of the video is that there hasn’t been any headlines or any jail time for any of these people. Even they, it turns out, are surprised that nobody cares about them carving up and cannibalizing dead infants. She says PPFA doesn’t have a policy on “tissue procurment,” which, she admits, “is relatively intentional.”

4. Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who we’ve met in previous installments, smiles coyly and confirms there “are no guidelines” and “there will never be guidelines.” Basically, PPFA affiliates can do whatever they want. “Nothing is written,” she says again. She’s practically screaming subliminally that clinics can sell babies for whatever price and for whatever reason. There are absolutely no ethical restrictions imposed from within. From her facial expressions, she appears to be rather proud of this fact.

5. VanDerhei, again worrying about the “headlines,” says she wants clinics to only sell dead babies if it’s “worth it.” She says she knows they can “generate a fair amount of income doing this,” which is a statement that flies directly in the face of pro-choice propaganda claiming PPFA isn’t motivated by profit. She openly plots the cover up for this illegal operation, telling the buyer she’s “not comfortable having the conversation through email.”

6. Vanessa Russo, an official with Planned Parenthood Keystone, talks very openly about her intention to break the law. She says she “won’t be bullied by ridiculous law” (because laws that protect children from being dismembered and sold for parts are, in her mind, ridiculous). She denies that Planned Parenthood “should curtail its business for ridiculousness” (the law is the “ridiculousness” in this case). VanDerhei responds by telling Russo that PPFA doesn’t plan to curtail its business at all. They’ve been given the all clear to “go for it” and collect “remuneration.”

To summarize, Planned Parenthood murders children, thinks its funny to sever their testicles, sells the body parts to generate income, and conspires very explicitly to skirt the laws and hide their illegal activities. We knew all of these facts already, but it’s no less outrageous, despicable, depraved, evil, revolting, and infuriating. Even if none of these points are revelations, this video is still the most important news item since the last video was released.

Source: Blaze


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