Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, San Jose, California was the scene of this grisly murder. This should come as no surprise considering this particular butcher shop has 10% of Planned Parenthood’s annual budget. The StemExpress leaker, Holly O’Donnell has plenty of tales to tell, to be sure, but the latest unveiling by the Center for Medical Progress is the thing of night terrors.

The seventh video release by the Center for Medical Progress relays the murder of “…the most gestated fetus and closest thing to a baby I’ve seen”, according to Holly O’Donnell, one of the StemExpress butchers. She goes on to describe the child as not having been “...completely torn up” during the abortion procedure, still in possession of his nose, eyelids and mouth.

The big surprise came when fellow murderer showed her something he, or she, thought was “…kind of cool, kind of neat” because the heart was jump started by tapping it with something. Had they carved him open to do that little trick?

While O’ Donnell recognized that she, one of the murderers of this child, was likely the only person to ever hold that baby, it did not stop her from following orders. Those orders, after technician-unknown stated they were going to get a lot of good stuff from this one because the baby was so intact, are HORRIFIC.

The brain was to be harvested. The other technician took a pair of scissors and, while the heart was still beating, cut through its face, above the lower jar. Then turned the rest of the butchery over to O’Donnell, who finished up the carving open of this child’s head. It was only after this procedure, that O’Donnell figured out she just could not do this anymore.

Really? What the hell is wrong with her that she ever could have even considered partaking in this evil in the first place? What is fundamentally wrong with the other technician who started this little guy’s heart, brought life back into the boy, only to cut the brain out of his face?

These people are sadistic murderous wretches, O’Donnell included. For the justice of this child alone, not to mention the millions of others, they should be in prison. Congratulations to them for being the Dr. Mengeles of the 21st century. Hopefully Hell has a special place set aside for them.

h/t: Breitbart

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