You can tell the American people are on high-idle, tightly-wound, and hyper-vigilant. This is what happens when our President, and his Administration refuse to call terrorism what it is.

This is what happens when the President behaves like he is smarter and more enlightened than the rest of us.

If he won’t do the job of protecting America, her people will.

Yesterday, a Chicago O’Hare International Airport bound Spirit Airline flight aborted take-off from Baltimore-Washington International Airport after four passengers began behaving suspiciously while the aircraft was taxiing to depart.

The passengers in question appeared to be of Middle Eastern decent, and the activity that raised the ire of others on the aircraft was that of a woman and child who left their seats, while the plane was rolling along, and moved to the back of the aircraft.

Passengers alerted the flight attendants, who in turn alerted the pilots, who made some calls and circled the aircraft back around.

The woman, child, and three additional men, all of seeming Middle Eastern descent, with multiple carry-on backpacks, were removed from the plane.

Ultimately, all passenger were de-boarded, their luggage, and the aircraft inspected, and the flight resumed. It is unclear if the four suspicious passengers were allowed to re-board.

American people are taking ISIS seriously and we are not above some ethnic profiling to ensure our safety.

Somebody’s gotta do it.

Source: mrcvTV


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