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What a surprise for a young U.S. soldier returning from deployment to get at 35,000 feet!

“No it wasn’t a sudden burst of lighting or a disruptive passenger”, the surprise of a lifetime came from the pilot, who just coincidently happened to be the father of the startled soldier who was on his flight home.

And of course it wasn’t a coincident, when Capt. Mario Lopes, a United Airlines pilot, learned that his son was set to return from Kuwait on April 14, he seized the opportunity to pilot a military flight to Norfolk, Virginia, that same day.

As he hoped, his son, First Lt. Mario Lopes, ended up being a passenger on the flight, and the excited father worked with the flight crew to pull off an amazing surprise reunion.

The one minute video footage captures that emotional moment when a father and son meet and embrace one another, no doubt there must have been a few confused passengers on board, and more importantly perhaps wondering who was flying that plane.

Of course everyone landed safely, and once again another American hero is safely back home, and hopefully a proud nation is thankful of those young men and woman in uniform for a job well done, and no doubt a proud family is united, Good Bless this young man and all who serve!

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Source: Fox



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