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It’s bad enough to dishonor and desecrate the symbol of our country, however to willfully dishonor and desecrate that symbol at a veterans' cemetery is simply unimaginable, and yet once again we witness the unimaginable.

Piles upon piles of discarded, torn and tattered American flags were thrown about as if they were rags and piled next to a garbage dumpster ready to be carted off when Stan Sniezyk showed up for his weekly visit to his father’s grave-site and immediately noticed the desecrated flags.

This prompted Sniezyk into action by taking photos to document the apparent illegal mishandling and discarding of an American flag once it's no longer in use, and then sent to a media outlet “Call-12.”

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Within days after the photos appeared and were shared on various social media sites, a groundswell of outrage towards the staff members at the Rhode Island Veterans' Cemetery, especially among veterans and their families.

Sniezyk committed to reporter, “I’ve been getting messages from California, Texas, Connecticut, Florida, people are absolutely outraged at what they’ve done, how they’ve disgraced the American flag in a veterans cemetery of all places.”

The incident also caught the attention of Kasim Yarn, the state’s new director of Veterans' Affairs, saying; “I was speechless when I saw,” he recalled. “Flags were not stowed properly and prepared for proper disposal. Flags were in bags, on the ground. The place was a mess, totally. Procedures weren’t being followed.”

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Source: WPRI


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