Most of us live in a world where we have to work hard day in and day out in order to make the money we need to feed ourselves and our family. There is a group out there, however, that is completely unfamiliar with this struggle and this photo of a grocery receipt demonstrates this sickening truth.

Welfare recipients don't seem to be too concerned with scraping together the cash to pay for their next meal. This receipt from a Liberty Kentucky Save-a-Lot store shows how little people on welfare have to worry about their next meal while many hard-working Americans are slaving to put food on the table for their families.

As you can see, this Electronic Benefits Transfer account holder was able to purchase their groceries and was left with an astounding $5,000 plus dollars left on their account.


The Motley Fool estimates this amount to be more than $3,000 over the average American's checking account, and almost a year's worth of welfare payments according to one liberal columnist at Forbe's Magazine, who was arguing the case that welfare recipients are barely getting by and struggling to do so.

This is one person on welfare who doesn't seem to be struggling too much, which means the government has decided to pad their pockets nice and thick with a little extra of our hard-earned cash.

Yet, there is no action to fix this mistake. None of the liberal writers can explain how this individual is able to live such a comfortable lifestyle while on welfare. No officials are coming in to right this wrong or any others that we so often see.

The only questions left to ask really are why this 'struggling' individual has an account balance of $5,583.42 and how they were able to get that balance?

It seems that the Republicans may have been right that welfare spending truly is off the rails and the our hard-earned cash is being stolen from us by the liberal officials only to be given back to lying and scheming individuals like this leech.

It's time we make our voices heard and put an end to this madness. Please share this on Facebook and show where your money is really going!

Source: Conservative Tribune


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