A group state troopers were driving down the road in a small Texas town, when they noticed a young boy waving at them from the side of the road. When they noticed what was in the boys hand by his side they knew they had to move in at once.

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When four Texas state troopers driving by a Chili’s in Alvin saw a young 3-year-old holding an odd-looking “briefcase” wave at them, they immediately knew that they needed to take action.

So without a moment to lose, the troopers parked their vehicles, approached the young lad and said hello. Thus a friendship was born.

It turned out that the “briefcase” the little boy, Grant, had was full of miniature cars, including a squad car and a firetruck.


Not only did the troopers sit down with Grant and play with his cars, but they then took him on a little trip in their own real-life cruiser.

During the trip, the troopers asked Grant to say hello over their loudspeaker, but instead he surprised everybody by yelling, “I love you!”


The incident was shared to social media by Grant’s mother, Samantha Bennett, who shared the story on Facebook in a post that has since gone viral and accumulated almost 15,000 shares.

“Thank you so much to the 4 State Troopers that were at Chili’s in Alvin tonight for making Grant’s night!” she wrote. “All my little man was hoping for was a hello when he waved to you, and you went above and beyond and made his night amazing.” (H/T Mad World News)


During a time when the liberal mainstream media continually goes out of their way to demean law enforcement, it is quite nice to hear such a feel-good story.

It also serves as a reminder that police officers do far more good than evil, despite what liberals would have us believe.

Please share this on Facebook and show the side of police that the left never wants to show.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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