One doesn’t need to be a Beau Brummell to appreciate the timeless elegance of First Lady Melania Trump, even within a casual fashion ensemble of a black long sleeved cashmere sweater over a pair of pink and black checkered wide leg trousers, which smartly hugged her body our First Lady is the personification of beauty in motion.

A casual elegance with an air of stylish sophistication usually reserved for the pages of Glamour Melania Trump accompanied the president on another foreign trip abroad, with the first stop on their itinerary Poland.

However before departing the White House, the First Couple stopped for a few moments to say goodbye to the staff, Melania briefly smiled her long
brown highlighted hair softly cascading over her shoulders, and wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses, reminding many of another first lady who also favored oversized dark sunglasses. Her name was Jackie Kennedy and like Melania, she dazzled the White House and all those who came into contact with her, with her keen sense of fashion, and a timeless elegance that hasn’t been seen until now.

There’s little doubt that Melania is the president’s secret weapon when he travels abroad, and aside from her obvious charm and beauty, Melania is well versed and articulate speaking 6-lanuagues and is quickly embracing her role as First Lady.

These series of photos captures Melania strolling with the president on the South Lawn and smiling just before boarding the presidential helicopter on their way to Air Force One and their trip abroad.

Tell us in the comments below section if you think that Melania Trump is the most elegant first lady within the last 25-years?

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