The tragedy that was Ferguson, is once again making national headlines as St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger declares a state of emergency for the troubled city, as another night spiraled into violence and chaos as marauding youths went on a looting spree, and once again targeted neighborhood stores, this time a beauty supply shop ransacked and looted by gleeful thugs, and proudly displayed on social media sites, bragging about the merchandise they stole.

Ironically the looting began as a tribute to another thug Michael Brown, as an “Anniversary Protest March” and quickly designated into violence as several shots rang out.

As at least three people were shot and four arrested as the “peaceful” Sunday protests suddenly became violent. County Police Chief Jon Belmar immediately took control of policing in Ferguson, stating at a hastily arranged news conference that one suspect who was shot by police is in "critical, unstable" condition in a local hospital and undergoing surgery.

He continued; "There is a small group of people out there who are intent on making sure we don't have peace that prevails. That's just the bottom line on this and that’s just unfortunate...We can't afford to have this kind of violence."

The violence prompted County Executive Steve Stenger to state: "In light of last night's violence and unrest in the city of Ferguson, and the potential for harm to persons and property, I am exercising my authority as county executive to issue a state of emergency effective immediately," Stenger said in a statement.

Ferguson has become what can best be described as a national tragedy, and a dividing line between anarchy and the absence of government, confusion and disorder, and that of a civil society, and is systemic of a nation on the brink of a total racial divide, perpetuated by those political forces that have used race to divide a nation, and are now reaping it’s rewards.

Here are some tweets the looters sent out. They are very proud of their behavior to commemorate another thug, Mike Brown...



h/t: Conservative Post

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