With the coming election many in America are concerned for the future of our country. One major trend that has been coming out is a series of threats by liberals and other anti-Trump protestors and even governments for what will happen if Trump is elected president. Well as the election nears there have been more and more strange sightings of things a little more than out of the ordinary. Now people are coming up with their own conclusions for what this may mean. Could this latest sighting be the early manifestations of these anti-Trump threats?

Recent concern has begun to spread like wildfire across the country after what was just spotted in the parking lot in a rural Maryland industrial complex. Pictures of the unnerving activity taking place at a Kellogg's cereal factory, that just was forced to let go a large number of employees, were posted to the Hoplite Armor Facebook page.

The photos instantly went viral and Facebook users everywhere have come up with their own theories to what this might mean.

The pictures, taken in Hagerstown, Maryland, depict a small fleet of the iconic white UN armored personnel carriers (APCs). These vehicles weren't alone, along with the APCs were several government-style black SUVs.


The sight of these alone is more than cause for concern, but once people saw what else was on the property many broke into full on panic at the though of what these vehicles true purpose may be.


The parking lot was also filled with a number of UN bomb disposal trucks, UN tankers, and a few UN shipping containers.

This becomes especially unnerving when you consider that this is not a vehicle manufacturing facility or even anything mechanical, but rather a cereal factory, leading many to question the true purpose behind this type of hardware being here.



Many have speculated that there is more going on here than meets the eye. It is rather commonplace for factories with extra space to lease that space out. Based on this fact, many think that the vehicles may be getting retrofitted with things like bullet-proof glass and extra armor. Then they may be shipped off to places that they are really required.

Still, many doubt this theory and think that the truth is much more sinister. They think that even though the U.S. does manufacture a great deal of UN equipment this would be a very strange stop for the vehicles before they are to shipped over seas.


Many have theorized that the UN may actually be establishing a base here, stateside, in preparation for what is to come. This is a bit of a reach, but as of now nothing has been confirmed nor denied about the true purpose of this UN hardware stockpile.

It is not unlikely for foreign nations and political figures that oppose Donald Trump to want to do something to counter and undermine his control, but how far are they really willing to go to try to stop him.

This would help explain why there is so much concern over the sightings and why the viral post has numerous comments similar to this one:

There are a few things which is happening in our country, which may lead to a U.N. coalition on U.S. soil.

Others responded to the doubters quickly by saying things such as:

All Intel is important. Deception is real, and usually in plain site. Mind the wall!

Whatever the case may be it is important to know what is going on within our own borders especially. If we are to turn a blind eye to all suspicious activity then we may soon find ourselves in a situation where we are no longer in control and may face great forces of oppression and tyranny.

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Source: Mad World News



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