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The contrast couldn’t have been more stark, two leaders in attendance at the memorial in Dallas, asked to speak about the senseless tragedy that claimed the lives of 5-brave police officers, both came to speak, to comfort, to console, and to heal a grieving nation, and in particular the families, friends and those bothers in blue within the Dallas police force.

While President Obama sought to inject (as expected), politics into his eulogy, former President Bush sought to truly remind those in attendance why they gathered here, eloquently expressing the grieve he was feeling; “too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples; too often we judge ourselves by our best intention.”

The former president from the onset (as illustrated within these photos), along with former first lady Laura Bush seemed visibly moved and at times appeared on the verge of tears, quite a contrast to that of President Obama, who always seems detached, aloof, almost ambivalent to what is taking place around him, and perhaps with good reason.

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In that Obama has for almost 8-years has fanned the flames of racial division, as no other previous administration, and there’s little doubt that Obama uses the issue of gun control as both a political talking point and also as a diversion, for not addressing the true issues of racial discourse and the epidemic of black lives being lost to gun violence within the mainly Democratic inner cities of America.

People on social media have shown great respect and support for how the Bush family has shown so much heartfelt concern:

G.W. Bush had the following words to say at the memorial:

“Your loved ones’ time with you was too short. They did not get a chance to properly say goodbye, but they went where duty called.”
“They defended us,” he added, “even to the end.”

Well done!



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