Its one thing making a bold statement “verbally” that in all probability may be directed at a few people and hopefully forgotten, and quite another to have your opinion of the President of The United States, "emblazed" in large block letters across the tailgate of you  truck.

That takes guts, and quite frankly a little “crazy” to be cruising down the road. However one thing is certain this man isn’t afraid to express himself and letting the world know, exactly how he feels about the Commander-in-Chief.

And what better way to do it then with a billboard type sign painted in the back of your pickup, and a clever design technique that captures your attention, and from a distance all one sees are bold black letters that spell out  ”O B A M A” …however what’s between each letter (and in a much smaller type), is what’s important, as drivers get closer to the truck, the total message is suddenly revealed!

One Big Ass Mistake America”


Of course the response has been overwhelming, as people do a double take, honking their approval, and in one case actually being stopped by a state trooper who simply wanted to take a photo of the sign. However one thing is certain this is no small bumper sticker, and this truck driver is simply “awesome”!

h/t: Mad World News

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