Donald Trump has truly shocked the world with the massive unexpected group of Trump supporters that have come out to show their support for the Republican presidential nominee. Everyone from Hispanics to Reagan Democrats to Hispanics have decided to go Republican because they believe that Trump really knows what to do to make America great again.

This one group of Trump supporter in the swing state of Pennsylvania that Trump is really hoping to turn red has funded a billboard supporting Trump and may be one of the most surprising groups of Trump supporters yet.

Have you guessed it yet? It's the Amish.

According to Breitbart the Amish PAC have made their official endorsement and even sprung for a billboard in order to encourage all Amish registered to vote to make sure that their vote goes to Donal Trump.

The Amish population in Pennsylvania is nothing to count out either, over 70,000 strong. Even though not every Amish person is old enough to vote or even registered the support of this Amish population could have a significant impact in which way Pennsylvania swings during the November election.


This could be the first time Pennsylvania goes Republican in decades if Trump were to win their vote.

"Pennsylvania has a good shot of going Republican in November and these billboards will certainly help by getting people registered and to the polls," said Ben King, the official director of outreach of the Amish PAC.

You wouldn't peg the Amish to be in favor of Trump seeing as their are the epitome of humility and Trump is almost the exact opposite.

This just goes to show that even though Trump's personality may be loud and over the top but his ideas are good enough to get even the least similar crowd to be on board and give him their support.

Breitbart reports that roughly 95% of Amish voters vote republican so their is a good chance that Trump will sweep the majority of the Amish vote in Pennsylvania, which would definitely help take the state.

Every vote counts and we certainly do need them. The alternative is just too terrible to bear.

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Source: Conservative Tribune



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