Vikings still walk among us and Valhalla continues to sing their praises.

“Mike,” more commonly known as “Peshmerganor,” is one of those Vikings, and like Thor he swings the mighty hammer of Mjolnir whenever he gets a chance. At the moment, he is taking the opportunity to swing it as he fights with the Kurdish Peshmerga against ISIS.

He is fighting the fight that the people of those countries ought to be fighting for themselves. The Peshmerga are, but as for the rest of them, they aren't exactly Vikings.

Mike, identity unknown, is a military war veteran. He left Norway awhile back and returned to the battlefield of the Middle East. In an interview with a Norwegian newspaper he said, “My goal is to be part of fighting the ISIS terrorists.” 

He even has an Instragram page (@peshmerganor) that you can follow whereby he updates folks on his and his fellow Peshmerga’s endeavors.

Mike is Norway’s version of the ideological super soldier, John Rambo. Like Rambo he is not going to quit until the mission is finished.

“When we’ve run Islamic State out of Mosul, it will mark the death of Islamic terrorists in Iraq.”  After that, “Then I’ve done my part. Then I’ll go home to Norway for good.”

Source: Conservative Tribune


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