The irony is that while most in the mainstream media seem surprised at Obama’s lack of self-control, most conservatives who have observed this guy conducting policy issues for almost 8-years aren’t surprised in the least by Obama’s inability and inconsistency in handling issues he finds unpleasant or objectionable.

He’s obviously a bright guy and knows that cigarettes are harmful to your health, just like he knew by not leaving a contingency force behind in Iraq would endanger the hard-fought peace won, and yet he did it anyway, and it’s the same mindset that drew a red line in the sand, and thane backed off.

So when the Commander-in-Chief was seen clutching a “white object” in a photo with Italian Prince Minister Matteo Renzi and posted on Instagram, the only people who were surprised were his supporters. Several social media users questioned whether Obama was holding cigarettes in the picture, with one writing, “Smoking?”

It’s not the first time Obama’s claims of being mostly “nicotine-free” have been questioned.

Obama said in 2009 that he “constantly” struggles with cigarettes.

“Have I fallen off the wagon sometimes? Yes. Am I a daily smoker, a constant smoker? No,” he said at the news conference.

“I would say that I am 95 percent cured,” Obama said, “But there are times where … There are times where I mess up.”

Obama’s remarks always seem to be a work in progress, shifting from one position to yet another and reminiscent of his “if you like you doctor, you can keep your doctor” comments while selling ObamaCare.

However Obama’s biggest concern was heard on an open mic at a 2013 event saying it was Michelle Obama who “scared” him into quitting smoking.

“I haven’t had a cigarette in six years," the president said. "That’s because I’m scared of my wife.” And indeed that’s a pretty scary lady for almost any male to handle.


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