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Pictures of President Obama in traditional Islamic have surfaced recently proving, as Bill O'Reilly put it his "deep emotional ties" to Islam.

These pictures were taken at the wedding of Barack's half-brother, Malik, and it is rumored that Barack was the best man at the ceremony.

At a time when America is confronting radical Islamic terrorism at the far corners of the world, these pictures prove a motive behind the president's unwillingness to even accurately identify the enemy.

Obama may claim to be a Christian, but his ties to the Islamic faith are wide-spread, and deep-rooted.

President Obama's biological father was a Muslim who turned Atheist after abandoning his family. His mother then remarried a second Muslim man who promptly moved the entire family to Indonesia, the largest predominately Muslim country in the world.

Yet come election time, all the American public hears is how Obama's diligent Christianity has given the strength to navigate politics, and lead the country.

Words are nice, but come election time they mean about as much as a promise from the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The point remains, that given Obama's familial history, seeing him in a church is the spiritual equivalent of that time John Kerry "ate" at McDonalds.

By becoming the first Islamic president Obama continues to break down barriers. Let's just pray he doesn't break down any of the ones currently keeping America safe.

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