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Let’s say you are out for a drive, and you come up on a car with one of those vanity plates. If it says, “JIHAD 1,” what is your first thought? 

Ten to 15 years ago, you would not have given it a second thought.  

That is not the case anymore. The passing motorist went looking for answers as to how someone could get away with such an incendiary plate.

The answer, according to CAIR is that “Jihad” was the vehicle owner’s son’s name.

How sweet. A child named Holy War.

Not so, says CAIR. “It means someone who is struggling, so when you name your kid Jihad, it means someone who is going to struggle to be better,” according to Faizan Syed, the St. Louis Chapter Executive Director.

Well then, let’s all get plates that say CRUSADE 1, 2, 3, 4, whatever. It just means to take part in an energetic campaign concerning a social, political, or religious issue…like “driving” JIHAD back into the sand.

See how that works, Syed? Word fun for all.

Source: Mad World News


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