It used to be that your kid brought home their math homework and you helped them out if they needed it.

Eventually, as they moved up in grades their homework outstripped your abilities.

Enter Common Core. Now, your kid brings home math homework, in the first grade, and you can’t decipher it.

Now, enter “Feelings.” Math and feelings do not go together. Gone are the days of A+B=C.

Now, A+B=F-feelings x guilt +psychological counseling so you can divide D, subtract E, and circle back around to C.


This meme nails it. Particularly with the tongue in cheek aspect of feelings, love and tolerance, for a particular group of people.  

As that group of people’s faith continues to intrude upon daily life in America, logic reasoning will go out the window in favor of Sharia Law.

If you think you can’t figure out your kid’s math homework now, just wait until 2026.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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