ISIS and other terrorist thrive on fear and propaganda. It is where they derive their power so they constantly issue threats to others with the message of "convert or die" to all those that they classify as infidels.

ISIS has become very good at these fear and intimidation tactics, even putting out 'hit-lists' of their possible targets.

Al'Qaeda is no rookie to the fear propaganda either. Over the many many years that we have been fighting them, we have seen many of their threats to the "infidels" and other "non-believers."

Most people may be terrified by these radical Islamic terrorist threats and messages. There is, however, one group that isn't losing any sleep over these terrorist threats. In fact, they're coming back at them hard with a little message of their own.

The men and women in uniform aren't afraid of these jihadists. Our Marine Corps, in particular has demonstrated how they feel about these fear-mongering terrorists. reports that the Marine Corps were fed up with the intimation tactics of these terrorists. They decided to put up a statement of their own in a very bold way.

Now the terrorist are running back to whatever hole they crawled out of to hide from the U.S. Marine Corps. They made sure to make it very clear what the Marines plan on doing to those worthless terrorists.


On a large billboard by the side of the road the Marines put up a message that reads, "It’s God’s job to judge the terrorists… It’s our mission to arrange the meeting!"

They're just making sure that justice is dealt where justice is deserved. All they want to do is make sure that these terrorists get the proper judgement that they deserve for all their crimes against humanity.

It's ultimately up to the one judge that matters, God, to decide what to do with all these jihadists.

It just doesn't get more American than that. After all it is the Sixth Amendment that grants all those accused of any wrongdoings a fair and speedy trial.

All they're trying to do is give these terrorists a little taste of America, the country that they hate so much. It's going to be hard for terrorists to sleep at night knowing that some of the best men and women in the country are out there right now looking to give them their "fair and speedy" trial.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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