Recently there was a very interesting parade that took place in Iowa, where a special Hillary float was literally paraded down the road. The float itself was absolutely hilarious but it would seem that Hillary and her supporters did not share the same sentiment. However, when they read the 3 words posted on the side of the float they went completely ballistic.

In Arcadia, Iowa the Arcadia Fire Department celebrated its 100th anniversary with a special parade. However, spectators weren't expecting to this float when they came out to celebrate and I'm sure they got a pretty good laugh from what they saw.

Kyle Julin and Adam Corky took this as an opportunity to express exactly how they feel about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The two of them came up with a belt-bustingly funny idea to show their support for Hillary's campaign for this 'special' position.

The picture below depicts Kyle sporting an Uncle Sam costume and driving an ATV in the parade, but the best part of the float is what the ATV is pulling.

The float itself is prison cell and inside, you guessed it, Adam dressed up as Hillary Clinton in an orange jump suit.


The float's 'campaign slogan' reads "Hillary for Prison."

To make things even better the float's assistants were handing out water balloons to the spectators for them to launch at the caged Hilldabeast.

Needless to say the float was a major success and pics of the brilliant float idea have since gone viral.

"Even the police and everybody was positive about it, especially on social media," said Kyle in a statement. "We couldn’t get pictures with some people because of where they work and their political agendas. But, only one group booed us. My consensus from that was 99 percent to 1 percent liked it."

These two were able to voice such a major political issue and their views to a massive crowd and get resounding support in a fun and harmless manner. They showed us all where Hillary truly belongs and it's not the White House but rather the Big House.

Feel free to share this hilarious story that shows exactly what this country should do with this wild Hilldabeast!

Source: Mad World News



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