When the National Anthem plays before an event you are supposed to stop what you are doing, rise to your feet, if not disabled, and come to attention.

We teach our children this. It is a sign of respect and gratitude for the nation we live in and the blood shed to provide our freedom, liberty, and justice.

Recently, at a ball game of some sort, a woman, “Lacey,” snapped a phot of a woman and her child not doing this. Can you guess what nationality this woman was? She was a Muslim. She sat there and diddled with her phone, kid by her side.

This is unacceptable, and yet so very Muslim. Perhaps she is not an American, but how often do you see a person not rise to their feet?

Typically, Muslims do not swear allegiance to this country. They swear allegiance to Allah and the Sharia Law. This woman is obviously a moron. She doesn’t even put it together that the only reason she is sitting unaccompanied by a man is because she is in America.

Granted Lacey wasn’t exactly paying attention either, because she was taking a picture. Undoubtedly, this irritated those around her, but it is sure bet that Hijab angered them even more.

It is things like this, a Muslim refusing to stand during our National Anthem, that should remind us all that there are many enemies within our gates.  We must be vigilant and we must never for that God blesses our land and that our flag will always be there.

Source: Mad World News




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