On an Ohio motorway a semi-truck was seen driving down the road. Most motorist that passed by the truck noticed nothing unusual about the unassuming truck. However, one motorists noticed the words on the back of the truck just below the bumper. The motorist immediately took a photo and posted it online. Now many are less than thrilled to know what was quietly passing through their state.

While driving down the highway in Twinsburg, Ohio one driver noticed something on back of a big rig that stood out to him. He immediately took a closer look and saw what the driver had done to his truck's mudflaps.

Now Black Lives Matter supporters are furious at the trucker's message, while many other patriots across the country are cheering in support.

The picture that the unidentified driver of the truck took was sent and posted to the Ohio Going Blue Facebook page. It didn't take long after the pic was posted for it to go completely viral.

The man cleverly chose to through the controversial theme that the Black Lives Matter movement is built on, the idea that only 'black' lives matter. The trucker's message smacked down those entitled blm thugs with his awesome 4-word statement.


The truck's mudflaps read "Without cops, nothing matters." A very true statement indeed that some of these blm cop-haters should really try to understand. Police do more than just deal out justice to those who break laws. They are the glue that holds together the fabric of society by maintaining order and preventing chaos.

Without the protection and watch of our nation's police force many innocents would be robbed of their way of living and lives themselves. It is important to take a step back and realize what these men and women in blue really do for us each and every day. This truck driver obviously gets it and knows that the Black Lives Matter is clearly working their hardest to unravel the order that police have fought so hard to protect.

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Source: Mad World News


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