There’s little doubt that the coordinated smear campaign against “the Donald” is in full throttle, thanks in part to Trump’s own locker-room audio, which of course has the Clinton gang working overtime in creating fictional sexual encounters, with the hope of derailing Trump’s campaign.

Moreover since the revelation of the Trump audio, woman have been suddenly coming forward with one “alleged” incident after another, and perhaps the key word here is “alleged” in that none of these woman can produce one shred of evidence to back up their claims, in fact one gray-haired woman recounted in vivid detail an incident involving Trump on an airliner, which supposedly took place over 30-years ago…I repeat 30-years ago.

However perhaps the most blatant and obvious incident of a personal hateful smear campaign came from a former Trump employee, Barbara Res who appeared on CNN more as a disgruntled employee then someone who has any knowledge of Trumps personal life.

However that didn’t stop the “Clinton Network” also known as CNN, from actually interviewing Res, who had nothing credible to offer other than that she believed the allegations, and then actually referencing Trump a “blatant sexist.”

What makes this interview even more bizarre is that Res actually penned a letter to Trump in July of 2013, thanking him for giving her a big break and for treating her with respect, in one passage she writes thanking him again for treating her in a “non-sexist way.”

The real reason more likely that Res is making these accusations is that she begged Trump for work and is bitter she didn't get what she wanted. This is clearly revenge for Trump ignoring her pathetic request for a new job.

Moreover it worth pointing out the letter was in response to Res becoming a new published author, coinciding with her book hitting bookshelves and going nationwide…and no doubt a little extra publicity by appearing on CNN is what every up and coming author craves.

After seeing all the evidence against her you can see for your self in this video what a bitter and ungrateful person she really is.

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