If you haven't yet been made aware, the United States is under attack from radical Islam. Even though President Obama and other political leaders are reticent to call the threat what it is, radical Islamism has taken a hold upon many Muslims within the United States and they are beginning to strike against American freedoms.

In Philadelphia this was easily seen in the wake of an attack on a police officer that was perpetrated "in the name of Allah."

The attack happened on January 7th and involved a man named Edward Archer who approached a stopped police vehicle in Philadelphia and opened fire on an officer at close range.

If a blatant attack against the law personnel of the United States wasn't frighteningly real enough, police in the area have just learned that the shooter, Archer, was part of a larger Islamist cell and that he wasn't even "the most radical of the four" members of the cell.

Police received the tip via a woman who approached an on-duty officer and let him know that "the threat to police is not over." Philadelphia police subsequently responded with a post on their Facebook page stating that they were taking the tip very seriously and that "the department along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation is actively investigating these allegations in an effort to verify the credibility of the information given."

There are two takeaways from this story that are important in America's war against Islamism moving forward.

First, it's impressive that this woman, who obviously must have had ties to the Islamist cell to know of the still-existing threat, came forward and tipped the police. This is powerful evidence that there are members of the Muslim community who want radical attacks to stop.

Second and more important, however, is the reality that radical Islamism is attacking the freedoms we Americans hold dear and that they are directly targeting our law-keeping personnel.

We need to continue to support our police officers by working as hard as we can to stop further attacks from occurring by coming down hard on Islamist terrorists within the United States. Our freedoms depend on it.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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