You know, you just don’t go to a petting zoo and say a prayer. Seriously, who does that? Betcha’ you know exactly who does that! So too now, do the Dutch children who visited the Pukkemuk petting in Dongen, Netherlands (Holland).

A happy day of observing and petting the animals turned into a bizarre event.  The owner, Huub van Leijsen intervened with the following statement;

“I said that I do not hate Muslims. Praying in burqas in a petting zoo in the middle of playing children was an unpleasant experience for some of my guests.”

If we were not living in the world-domination-by-Muslims atmosphere of present, this could be seen as funny by adults. Think about it. A passel of people, some cloaked in sheets, butts sticking up to the sky, faces in animal dung, praying to their almighty.

Unfortunately, such abnormal behavior upset the children at the petting zoo. Of course it would! Kids are there to pet the animals, not watch people drop to the ground looking like an animal on all fours. One can imagine the kids were wondering if they should pet the butt-up people, or feed them some hay and goat kibble.

Mr. van Leijsen, requested that they “not stay too long” and was met with the Muslim call-to-hatred; Islamophobic! Islamophobic!

The goat-dung praying family is going after van Leijsen for discriminating against them and their demands. In reality van Leijsen should be going after the family for discriminating against him.

Their actions speak to targeted assault via oppression, disruption of his business, possible damages due to loss of future patrons afraid of animalistic behavior by humans in a goat pen, and whatever other “Islamophobic” charges can be brought against them.

Muslims have the flexibility to get their five daily prayers in and they could have done this elsewhere, like say, at home.

That is why this is hatred and discrimination and targeting on the part of the Muslim family. This is about nudging and causing discomfort to the point of compliance.

Never give in. Even in a petting zoo. Stand up for yourself, your children, and the animals.

Source: Mad World News


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