People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has stooped to a new low.

In their latest advertisement, the organization has turned to incorporating NBC’s Hannibal, a disgusting throw-back spin-off of the cannibal, Hannibal Lecter, made famous by Anthony Hopkins in the Silence of the Lambs flick (1991).

The PETA organization wants you to go vegan for Turkey Day. That, or apparently gnaw on yourself or your guests. At least that is the impression being given in the commercial spot.

Gillian Anderson, one of the stars of the show, finds herself seated at a nice holiday meal spread in a dimly lit and opulent dining room.

The camera pans over the feast pausing to take in the roasted leg that rests in the center of the table.

As the camera moves down the table and comes to stop alongside Ms. Anderson, she turns and in a disturbingly sultry voice, alá-snuff-film style, says; “Eating meat, is a matter of taste.”

Then we get to take in the lower half of her seated self. We notice her leg is missing.

Hannibal’s writer, and PETA freak, expressed his opinion on the whole thing in a most unsettling manner. It turns out that having the opportunity to write for the show has led him to his enlightenment that, “…human beings and other animals have more similarities than differences.”

Hmmmm. Wonder what’s for dinner?

Source: News Busters

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