What seems apparent since Target publicly announced their policy of welcoming and encouraging “sexually confused” individuals to use whatever bathroom suits them, has also become a “way-station” for sexual predators, and apparently emboldening them to hang around the store.

This brief video chronicles one such encounter by a Florida woman and a sexual predator, known for sexually harassing women while shopping.

Candice Spivey suddenly ran into the pervert as she was shopping and immediately began recording him on her smart-phone, because she had already been harassed by him at another food store.

“Do you remember running into me in the grocery store?” she asked.

The pervert (Jeffery Polizzi) suddenly bolted for the exit, and out the door, as Spivey in hot pursuit shouted for onlookers to call the police.

Polizzi managed to get away, but Candice Spivey posted the video to her Facebook page.
It went viral, big time, racking up millions of views. Dozens of women stepped forward and announced that they had similar experiences with the man.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 12.13.51 PM
Candice Spivey

Perhaps after all is “said and done,” Target may actually be performing a public service, in that Target is apparently attracting all types of sexual deviates…like the proverbial “moth to a flame,” all law enforcement needs to do, is discretely hang out near those stalls.

Jeffery Polizzi

I’m sure those poor stockholders that invested in Target didn’t see this coming!

h/t: IJR

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