Presidential candidate Donald Trump skipped the most recent Fox News debate and instead held his own private function, something that had many people talking. Pundits from all sides of the political spectrum were calling the move Trump's "downfall," but his absence is interesting when compared with a historical example.

In the 1980 presidential race, another outsider skipped the main Republican debate and pundits then thought it would be the end of the candidate's presidential run.

That candidate, however, was Ronald Reagan, and he went on to win an absolute victory over his Republican party opponents and the Democratic candidate Jimmy Carter. Reagan won 90.9% of the electoral votes in the 1980 election, and he skipped a debate beforehand.

Though it's less likely that Trump will be able to corral 90% of the vote in the upcoming 2016 election, the fact is that he and Reagan share some remarkable similarities.

Both were known as TV and entertainment personalities before their presidential aspirations, and it seems that set the stage for both to have meteoric rises in politics. Though Trump is untested in governing, he shares the same willingness to buck the trends that Reagan embodied.

Trump's reasoning for skipping the debate was that he felt Fox News was "playing games," and he brought up concerns about the skills of Fox News host and debate coordinator Megyn Kelly. Kelly, for her part, fired back and said, "I’ll be there. … The debate will go on with or without Trump."

Trump and Kelly were involved in a now well-known spat in an earlier debate where Trump was called out by Kelly for his comments about women. Trump responded by blasting Kelly's professional reputation as a reporter and moderator. Fox News has stuck by its star reporter, but the issue doesn't appear to be over.

Though it would be amazing to see Trump capture the electorate the same way that Reagan did in the 1980 election, it's unlikely. However, Trump's braggadocio and confidence aren't misplaced. He has such a strong lead in Iowa skipping the debate probably won't make a bit of difference.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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