San Bernardino was one of the worst terror attacks to occur on U.S. soil in the past 15 years. What added to the drama and intrigue of the situation was the fact that prosecutors and investigators struggled to unlock the shooter's iPhone as well as to piece together other parts of the situation.

Some of those pieces are now falling into place and it's led to more arrests--though not for the reasons you might suspect.

The brother of the male San Bernardino shooter, Syed Raheel Farook, has been arrested following new evidence that shows he was complicit in setting up a marriage-fraud situation in which a Russian woman was allowed to overstay her visa because she claimed to be married.

The family relations get tricky, but Farook's wife, the sister-in-law of the male shooter in the terrorist situation, helped her sister Mariya Chernykh to arrange a living situation in which she claimed to be married and living with a man named Enrique Marquez, Jr.

Chernykh had overstayed a visa in 2009 and she convinced Marquez to pretend to be married to her for a small sum of $200 a month.

So, what, you might be thinking to yourself. What does this marriage fraud case have to do with the terrorist shootings that left 14 people dead and wounded over 20 more?

Well, some people believe that the federal government was simply looking for something to hang over the remaining Farook brother to help motivate him to share more information about the murders his brother committed. If Farook and his Russian wife, the sister of Chernykh, are convicted, they could each face up to five years in prison for marriage-fraud.

The lawsuit also highlights another issue--the fact that people overstaying their visas are being allowed to say on spurious claims of marriage. That's not the real issue here, but it is ammunition for increased scrutiny over visas.

Hopefully the fed's plan goes right and this marriage-fraud case reveals new information about the San Bernardino murders. If so, all this rigmarole will be worth it.

h/t: ABC News

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