A picture of Bill Clinton with the provocatively dressed daughter of John Catsimatidis has gone viral and renewed questions about Bill Clinton’s proclivities and the Clintons’ family values.


The photo was taken at a Catsimatidis family event. The Catsimatidis family, considered to be the "Grocery Store Kings" of New York, are long-standing political supporters of the Clinton family and the Democratic Party. Catsimatidis donated $750,000 to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and the Catsimatidis private jet is frequently made available for the Clinton’s use.

However, this recent picture showing Bill Clinton holding Andrea Catsimatidis’s arm, has many people wondering if Bill Clinton’s relationship with the family is more than just fundraising and political affiliations. Shortly after the release of the photo, Twitter and Facebook lit up with comments like:

"Bill is a family man…" – Humbug Barajas @HenryBarajas

"something something executive privilege" – Keith Reynolds @keeftweet

"Did Bill Clinton Do It Again or Did Bill Clinton Do it Again!" - David Portnoy @stoolpresidente

But, it may not be mere speculation. Andrea Catsimatidis recently filed for divorce from her husband of three years, Christopher Nixon Cox (the grandson of former President Richard Nixon) and Andrea Catsimatidis seems to fit the description of Bill Clinton’s rumored mistress.

Last summer, Washington Post reporter, Ronald Kessler, claimed that Bill Clinton had a mistress who was a regular guest at the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua New York. Kessler reported that this mistress so frequently visited the home that security staff had nicknamed her "Energizer" and no longer questioned or approached her when she entered the family home. Security staff described "Energizer" as "friendly", "charming", "perky", and "enhanced". Kessler also mentioned that Bill’s security staff coordinated with Hillary’s security staff to ensure that "Energizer" was gone before Hillary arrived home.

Whether Andrea Catsimatidis is or isn’t "Energizer" doesn’t really matter. Either way, there’s something rotten in the state of Bill and Hillary’s marriage.


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