It seems almost impossible to rationalize what is taking place in today’s America, 5-high value terrorist prisoners are released from captivity for one documented American deserter, an Iranian nuclear deal that willfully betrays Israel and almost insures that the leading sponsor of terrorism  will have a weapon of mass destruction, within a short 10-years.

And now a coordinated effort to reduce 40,000 troops, over the course of the next two years which will become the smallest number of troops since just before the United States witnessed the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor that dragged Americans into World War II.

If anything these actions in light of world events by this administration, almost defies logic, or perhaps something a lot more sinister is in place?

In that aside from reducing America’s fighting force and an attempt by progressive Democrats to achieve a one trillion-dollar reduction in defense spending over the next ten years.

However with this administration nothing is quite as it appears, and the quest to continually “transform America” is never too far behind. So while Obama reduces our fighting forces he continues with a little known policy called the MAVNI Program, which was an “executive order” issued a while back, and allows illegal aliens who allegedly came to the U.S. as children to join the military with an annual quota of 1,500 individuals. And so while Obama reduces our American fighting forces, he back fills them with illegal aliens.

And Obama has made it quite clear that anyone who disagrees with his policy of social engineering will be demoted and drummed out of the military, to date there are almost 40-high ranking experienced and seasoned individuals that have been run out of the military for simply questioning Obama’s radical moves.

It’s almost as if Obama is back on those Chicago streets as a community organizer and replacing heterosexual white males with illegal aliens who were unilaterally given amnesty as well as recruiting or keeping openly gay, lesbian and transgender soldiers…in short welcome to America 2015.

h/t: Radix News


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