Liberals never let a good environmental crisis go to waste.

They bashed President Trump, supposedly because he wasn't "talking" enough about the Texas storm victims.

They bashed him supposedly because he wasn't doing enough for the displaced thousands.

They even bashed Trump because the storm victims are mostly white.

As always, liberals work to turn human tragedy into political opportunity when it's against Donald Trump.

Gov. Gregg Abbott (R-TX) gave credit where credit was due to the president and vice president for the administration's rapid response.

"I’ve never seen a president a vice president or a cabinet who have responded as swiftly to people in need like the people of Texas overcoming the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey,” Abbott said at a press conference.

Abbott then thanked Vice President Mike Pence for coming out to Texas to view the relief efforts.

"We had a remarkable and informative but also a heartbreaking trip as we saw devastation from Rockport to all the way over to Victoria," Abbott said. "We saw broken homes and we talked to so many people with broke up hearts, but we also saw something that is so incredible that has risen because of this crisis and that’s the resiliency of our fellow Texans and fellow Americans.

"We went up to some homes of people who had their homes completely destroyed, they were sitting out front and they were just proud to be a Texan and proud that we were there to help them out. We went to help remove debris from a lawn that was completely littered and I had the chance to hold a two-week old baby," the governor added.

The Trump administration has shown through word and deed that it doesn't turn a deaf ear to the victims of a natural disaster.

Trump has pledged $1 million of his own money to help the storm relief fund. What did former President Barack Obama pledge of himself to the victims of Hurricane Katrina?

Do you think President Trump and Vice President Pence have done enough for Texas storm victims?

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