California representative Nancy Pelosi is in hot water. She's joining the ranks of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as someone who has been the subject of targeted hacks. And, like Wasserman-Schultz, the facts revealed by the hack are disturbing.

One memo, especially, in all of the hacked emails that have come out of Pelosi's office deals with a Democratic plan to engage with the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM has sprung up as one of the most powerful and important grass-roots campaigns on the left and Democrats know that.

But instead of openly welcoming the liberal ideas of BLM, Democrats devised a sneaking, ambitious plan to appear to show support but actually promise nothing.

In a memo that was leaked to the world after Pelosi's email was hacked, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued a series of statements and tactics for dealing with BLM activists. The highlights include a recommendation to limit the size of BLM activist groups who visit with members of Congress and to "listen to their concerns."

However, immediately after listening to them, the Democratic party told members of Congress "don't offer support for concrete policy positions." In other words, glad-hand the BLM activists all you can, but don't promise them anything. Sounds like a typical political move.

It gets better (worse), though.


The memo advised Democrats not to mention the words "all lives matter," or the phrase "black on black crime," saying "this response will garner additional media scrutiny and only anger BLM activists. This is the worst response."

Hopefully all BLM activists will see this memo for what it is, the Democratic party using a liberal movement to further their own agendas while ignoring the issues that are really driving BLM.

This is just further proof that the politicians in Washington will do anything at all to remain elected and in power. We need to put a stop to these people.

h/t: Weasel Zippers, 100 Percent Fed Up

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