Well, all the Chester-the-Molesters out there can breathe a sigh of relief. The American Psychiatric Association (APA), has rendered (back-pedal faster APA!) pedophilia as a sexual orientation. This because (in whiny voice) they have been getting pressure by the vocal pedophile activist front. They feel they must follow suit with respect to the 1970s homosexual activism.

While we preach to our children, not to give in to peer pressure, we now have a foremost medical authority (in some circles), caving to pressure from predators who like to have sex with children.


This was brought to the public’s attention by the American Family Association (AFA) in response to the APA’s stance in this regard. Of course the APA is claiming technical difficulties in the form of an editorial mistake. Right. All of us sane people buy that one, for sure (not). We ingest it with the proverbial kool-aid we are given to wash it all down with.

Fortunately, most of us, meaning ALL of us sane folks, don’t buy into this. Not, the sexual orientation of adults obsessing over fornication with kids, nor the whole “we made a boo-boo” in our bible-of-diagnosis-book, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders.

The entire populace of orientations, heterosexual, LGBT, transsexual, and whatever else, should be utterly outraged. Particularly those of the non-hetero persuasion, as they have effectively been lumped into a category on-par with pedophilia given the APA’s excuse regarding “pressure.”

This is a depraved travesty on a level that is ad-nauseum.

h/t: Live Leak

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