As if Common Core didn't have enough bad baggage to carry, educators in Minnesota are complaining that lessons purported to teach about "white privilege" and racial equality instead are giving students excuses to fail and are benefiting no one.

Aaron Benner, a black teacher in St. Paul, Minnesota, charged Common Core lessons about white privilege weren't doing anything to help black students and were breaking down the school system. Other educators are saying the same things, that lessons about white privilege just help teach young black people to act as victims.

Many of these white privilege-centered lessons are being organized by the Pacific Educational Group, a consulting firm that specializes in partnering with schools and school systems to help them become more racially equitable.

Pacific Educational Group claims that without engaging in lessons that examine this supposed "white privilege," educators and school systems are unable to uncover hidden biases which might affect students of color.

While that argument is sound in one regard--having a preconceived notion of someone based on their race can affect how you deal with that person--the argument and thrust of the program is flawed. If there are groups that want to go around the country and give lectures and seminars to teachers on how to avoid racism and bias while teaching that is perfectly fine. In fact, programs that focused on teachers teaching better could do nothing but help America's school systems.

But to shove lessons touting the inequality of mortgage lending and other "white privilege" topics in all students' faces is ridiculous. It is akin to doctors bringing live samples of smallpox into lecture halls to discuss the effects of the disease on humans. Doctors should know how to treat smallpox if they find it, but they don't need to expose students to the disease to eradicate it.

The racial problems in America will be best solved if we can decide to move past race in our lives and keep it from becoming an issue. Making it a part of school curriculum does nothing but propagate the problems further.

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