Keaton Wahlbon on left, professor Bill Dean on right

It’s hard to imagine that just a few short years ago; the chivalrous act of holding a door open for a young lady was considered the act of a gentleman, today in many progressive quarters it’s viewed as a sexist act, to be admonished.

So it should come as no surprise in this upside down world of political correctness that “what’s in a name” becomes a focal point for sexual harassment.

Keaton Wahlbon is a student at the University of Tennessee, who had the unfortunate situation of guessing wrong on his science quiz, which cost him to receive a “zero” and the ire of his male professor, who took the added step of including “inappropriate.”

The dust-up occurred when Wahlbon unwittingly followed the prescribed instructions that if he didn’t know the answer to whom the female lab instructor was in the class giving the quiz, then he should “If you don’t remember, make something good up.”

And as instructed, he did, and penned in the name of one “Sarah Jackson,” who happens to be a name of a lingerie and nude model.

The "real" Sarah Jackson.

Which of course in this progressive world of intolerance set off an avalanche of character attacks on Wahlbon’s, who requested a grade change from his professor Bill Dean, who in turn responded the Wahlbon had made a crude sexist joke, that by the new Obama decree constitutes outright sexual harassment.

Clearly this professor did a google search on the name "Sarah Jackson" and it came back with results of the lingerie model. No offense to Sarah Jackson but she is FAR from famous and this most likely was a unfortunate coincidence for the student. Regardless, who really cares. Accusing a student of sexual harassment is not to be done lightly and there is no basis for that accusation here.

We don't know the political opinions of this grumpy professor but based on his actions we're willing to bet he's a politically correct Hillary lover.

All we can say is thank goodness I no longer hold doors open for young ladies.

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