There’s little doubt that the world is a far more hostile place today for a 71-year old Steve Martin, then a 30-year old Steve Martin, and that’s perhaps the headline behind the headline, in that a sweet condolence by the legendary funnyman could actually be labeled as “sexist” and perhaps even more distressing shamming the comedian turned actor into removing the sentimental and heartfelt tribute to Carrie Fisher, who passed away at 60.

Martin who took to Twitter recalled;   'When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well.'


Apparently that simple and lovely recollection of his friend set the internet ablaze with the politically correct loons berating and criticizing the iconic comic, and apparently shamming him into deleting his personal and sincere tribute, and perhaps that’s where most of us should take issue and fault Martin, for allowing himself to be bullied by a politically correct and faceless mob of progressive loons, who display selective outrage at someone posting a beautiful heartfelt tribute, however think nothing of dehumanizing and verbally vilifying and assaulting those they disagree with.





They use terms such as “sexist, racist, homophobic” to discredit those they disagree with rather than engage in a substantive dialogue, for fear of being unmasked as nothing more than dogmatic ideologues, with little if any critical thinking skills on the issues.

Ironically Martin himself may be a part of the politically correct loony left, and perhaps that’s why he was easily shamed into removing the post, in that progressive orthodoxy demands that everyone who subscribes to this perverse ideology drink from the same “Kool-Aid cup.”

Which was in evidence as the politically correct crowd took to Twitter to admonish Martin saying his attention to Fisher’s physical beauty before her personality wasn’t appropriate.

A character named Joe Bennett referenced Martin’s tweet as “tasteless”, and then adding; 'I doubt Carrie would like to be remembered as a sex symbol first (but also smart!).”

There’s no doubt being a 70ish guy in today’s politically correct world, can be hazardous to you’re opinion's even for a progressive Hollywood type like Martin.

Many users are calling out the absurdity of these "sexist" allegations on Twitter as well showing not everyone has lost their minds in todays world:





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Source: Daily Mail

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