Perhaps it’s those new facial hairs that Paul Ryan is sporting, or perhaps being Speaker of the House requires a lot more backbone than Ryan has, whatever it is Ryan has proven there’s little if any daylight between him and the former Speaker of the House, except for perhaps those tears.

Needless to say Ryan has proven to be untrustworthy within conservative circles, some would even suggest that Ryan betrayed those that sent him to Washington, claiming that Ryan sold out and passed a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill, without actually knowing what was in the bill, and had both Democrats and President Obama praising him, for a job well done...quite a reversal for a former Republican Vice Presidential candidate, to say the least.

It seems obvious that something important to Ryan’s future, turned him around, perhaps something was promised, or perhaps there’s something hidden within Ryan’s background, remember Obama is a Chicago politician, that play rough.

Whatever it is conservatives in Ryan’s district aren’t happy with him and are organizing efforts to oust him, and have set up a “Primary Challenge Paul Ryan Facebook page, which has already generated over 32,000 likes.

“This page is dedicated to finding and supporting a Constitutional Conservative Primary challenger to run against Paul Ryan in 2016 for his House seat,” the page explains.

Perhaps if this challenge to Ryan’s House seat actually takes hold those famous tears by the former Speaker may eventually encompass the new Speaker…one can only hope.

What do you think about Speaker Ryan's performance so far?

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h/t: Chicks On The Right

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