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It wasn’t that long ago when then Speaker of the House John Boehner threatened to defund ObamaCare, only to once again fall victim to his own meaningless bluster, that finally forced him to tearfully resign under mounting pressure from true conservatives, who value a principled cause over politics as usual, and hopefully a lesson learned by current speaker Paul Ryan.

Who is making the same rumblings as his predecessor, and hopefully with a much different result, in that Speaker Ryan is threatening to defund the Syrian Refugee Program in the United States unless Obama and his administration take more security measures in protecting the homeland.

The recent carnage in Paris and most recently in California should be of primary concern to all public officials to do everything in their power to protect the homeland, however it is not!

Politics and only politics motivates this administration, and Speaker Ryan (if serious), must mean what he says.

There have already been at least two instances where terrorists have gained illegal entrance through the immigration of the Syrian Refugee Program, and the probability that a number of passports are either forged or purchased on the black-market should be of major concern.

As many as 30-state Governors have vowed not to allow any Syrian refugees into their states until further security precautions are taken, however the Obama Administration has the legal authority to override any state law, however the congress holds the purse strings and without funding the program simply falls apart.

Does Speaker Ryan have the backbone to make good on his threat, or will he fold like his predecessor?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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