The question that should be asked of Rep. Paul Ryan, and indeed of every legislator, is simply this; “is America a nation of laws, or isn’t it?

And if the answer is “yes” then is it not incumbent on those legislators to enforce those laws that they’ve taken a sworn oath to uphold?

However listening to Ryan lately one gets the impression that the issue of illegal immigration is to simply follow Sen. Marco Rubio’s lead and perhaps find a backdoor deal to blanket amnesty, rather than hold illegal aliens accountable for breaking immigration laws, which is not inconstant with creating a pathway to citizenship.

A video has surfaced showing Ryan at a July 2013 bilingual Hispanic   predominantly Hispanic audience that the job of a U.S. lawmaker is to put oneself in the shoes of foreign nationals who want to come to the United States, then work to discover solutions to make their lives better.

Ryan was speaking to an Hispanic group through a translator as the audience members did not speak English, and spoke of achieving the American Dream, however what was left out, was how a civil society needs to function, based on governance and the law, which seemed purposely left out of Ryan’s speech

And although it does not appear in this video, the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal reported that Ryan later told the Hispanic crowd, “Immigration is a good thing for this country. It is this country,” and continued, “we’re going to vote on a bill to legalize people who are undocumented.”

Watch the video of Ryan's speech about illegals below:

Source: Paul Ryan



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