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Aside from the apparent meltdown of Mitt Romney, the other disappointing Republican is House Speaker Paul Ryan, and his lackluster support of Donald Trump, which is as troubling as Romney’s obvious obsession and envy of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

However on Friday Ryan actually outdid Romney when interviewed by the Huffington Post by displaying his own apparent sense of entitlement, and suggesting that he would actually “sue” a President Trump, which simply illustrates how completely out of touch the leadership within the Republican Party is.

Commenting “Nothing is a blank check,” when asked if he would continue supporting Trump.

And then adding; “You never give anyone for any reason a blank check on anything.”

However Ryan didn’t have the good sense to stop there and continued: “We don’t believe in executive overreach. Obviously it’s one of the planks of our agenda,” he added. “I’ve spoken with Donald Trump at great length about the REINS Act, about executive overreach and about the need to get this back in place.”

“We are a separate but equal branch of government. Don’t think for a second that we’re not going to stand up for the legislative branch’s prerogatives and priorities”… Are we going to exert our Article 1 powers… no matter who the president is?,”

However what is truly fascinating, aside from Ryan’s arrogant and condescending remarks towards his party leader (Trump), is his apparent own lack of resolve, and an obvious spineless backbone in not actually addressing his remarks to President Obama who has actually overstepped his reach for almost 8-years.


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